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New forged magnesium alloy can be even lighter than carbon fiber.

Updated: May 19, 2021

  Westminster, California - 09/04/2019 (

Litespeed Racing, a lightweight performance auto parts innovator since 2006, has developed a magnesium alloy wheel construction that stands to rival carbon fiber offerings. Development research has uncovered these alloys trend towards one to two pounds lighter, are more affordable, and allow for more design offerings than traditional carbon fiber wheels of similar size.

Litespeed Racing Wheel Collection
Litespeed Racing Wheel Collection

Long considered the holy grail of lightweight wheel manufacturing, carbon fiber is not without its limitations. Litespeed Racing’s research concluded that carbon fiber wheels are much more expensive and tend to fall short in terms of lightweight expectations.


litespeed racing new magnesium alloy wheels competes with carbon fiber for racing supremacy
litespeed racing new magnesium alloy wheels competes with carbon fiber for racing supremacy

Recent advances in metal alloying set Litespeed Racing down a new path of racing research in hopes of discovering alternatives for performance minded street and racing drivers. The result was a forged magnesium concept. In addition to cost and performance benefits, Litespeed Racing’s research revealed that magnesium alloy variants produced a better ride quality due to its vibration dampening qualities.


“This is looking to be very big” commented Litespeed Racing’s Patrick Warren. “There hasn’t been a ton of recent innovation in this area, so our alloy really has the potential to shake things up. We can’t wait for our customers to get a chance to strap on our new wheels. I’ve got a feeling they are going to be blown away.”


In operation since 2006, Litespeed Racing has a proven track-record of high quality racing and street car products, as well as excellent customer service. They are the recipient of 5 global media awards for Best New Product at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association (SEMA) New Product Showcase. For more information, visit They can be followed on Instagram at @litespeedracing.


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