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Litespeed Racing Wheels: Faster and Lighter.

Updated: Jul 8



VS10 with custom forged carbon fiber inlays on Mclaren 702s

Litespeed Racing builds some of the world's fastest and lightest wheels for street and race cars and has been quietly leading the wheel industry in innovation for years. Click to ORDER

The Lightest:

Litespeed racing's proprietary forged magnesium alloy wheels are even lighter than some full carbon fiber wheels. Starting at only 15 pounds for 19X9 our RS5 and VS10 designs are the lightest custom wheels that money can buy.

Custom Made:

Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made to your exact size, offset, color and brake clearance requirements. We can make wheels for anything from a Porsche 991 GT3 RS center lock, to a Ford Raptor 6 lug, to an Audi TTRS to a custom fabricated tube chassis race car and anything in between.

world's lightest wheel
RS5 forged magnesium is lighter than full carbon!


Litespeed Racing does extensive testing, starting with FEA computer load simulations and raw material tensile strength testing. Then SAE laboratory testing, done at certified independent testing facilities. And lastly real world testing on both the track and street.

Record Setting:

Litespeed Racing wheels have been used on numerous recording setting race cars, from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb diesel class world record, to half mile record breaking BMWs and Audis, to our up in coming world's fastest Mclaren 720s. Litespeed Racing wheels can easily handle 200+ mph and 1200+ hp builds.

Product First, Marketing Second:

Maybe you haven't heard Litespeed Racing. That is because we focus our resources on developing the best and lightest wheels possible. Fancy photoshoots and dramatic promotional videos are a distance second on our priority list. Litespeed Racing has a product first philosophy, and the industry has taken notice. A number of wheels brands have asked us to build lightweight wheels for them! When Toyota Motors USA set out to build the fastest and wildest widebody GR Surpa show car, they came to Litespeed Racing to build custom carbon fiber wheels and ended up asking us to build the full carbon fiber widebody kit as well. You might not have heard of us, but Litespeed Racing has been going strong since 2006. We even built custom parts for Micheal Essa's Formula Drift championship winning BMW M3.

grey widebody toyota GR supra hyper boost edition
Toyota GR Supra Hyper Boost Edition with Litespeed Racing wheels

Lighter Than HRE and BBS:

Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made, and there are many factors that contribute to a wheels weight. But in an apples to apples comparison , Litespeed Racing forged magnesium wheels are lighter the the HRE r101lw and BBS FI-R. Click WHEEL WEIGHTS to read more detailed information on our actual wheel weights.

Have more questions, or ready to get a price quote? Click PRICE. and check out our full wheel collection here.

Mansory Mclaren 702s with Litespeed Racing carbon fiber wheels
Litespeed Racing VR10 wheels on Mansory mclaren 720s

twin turbo lamborghini huracan turned by gintani
Twin turbo Huracan with Litespeed Racing GT10 wheels

red widebody porsche 911 turbo
Widebody 997 Turbo with Litespeed Racing RS5 wheels

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