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In a quest to build the lightest wheel possible, we started with the obvious solution: Carbon fibre. Its seemingly magical material, with super high tensile strength and super low density. But the resulting wheel was not as light as we expected. Mainly because a lot of carbon needs to be added to make it safe enough to withstand impacts, and because carbon fibre can not be formed into stronger complex shapes like i-beams. Forged magnesium is the solution to these problems. modern forged magnesium alloys are light years ahead of the old school “mag” wheels made from cast magnesium. Litespeed Racing’s proprietary forged magnesium alloy actually outperforms forged aluminum in both tensile strength and fatigue strength, while being a naturally lighter material. The result is our forged magnesium RS5 monoblock, is actually lighter than some OEM full carbon fibre monoblock wheels of the same size. 

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Litespeed Racing started in carbon fiber manufacturing in 2006, and we have never stopped working to protect the art and science of carbon fiber. We are one of the few companies in the world to have successfully built a full carbon fiber wheel that passes SAE testing, with our forged composites carbon fiber 3 piece wheel center. Litespeed Racing actually manufactures carbon fiber for other bigger wheel brands. 




The industry standard for forged wheels is to use 6061T6 aluminum. At Litespeed Racing we have pushed past the standard with the development of our Advanced Forged Alloy. It outperforms the standard 6061T6 alloy in every category including 30% higher tensile strength and 36% higher strength to weight ratio. This results in a wheel that can be both stronger and lighter than standard forged aluminum wheels.

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Litespeed Racing uses true fully forged aerospace grade aluminum as the foundation for all of our forged aluminum monoblocks and multi piece  wheel centers. Each forged wheel is precision CNC machined to meet the style, size, offset and load rating of your vehicle . Forged aluminium is stronger and more durable than standard cast aluminum and flow formed wheels, which results in a lighter wheel that will help to improve all aspects of performance from acceleration to handling to fuel economy.

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