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The DF6RR is our first wheel built for professional Formula Drift driver Jonathan "Cash" Hurst and was debuted in Formula Drift Long Beach 2023. The DF6RR features an unparalleled level of cnc milling, with the spokes hallowed out from every side. The holes cut into the spokes of the DF6RR were strategically placed based on extensive computer load simulations and real world testing data, to produce the strongest and lightest version of a classic 6 spoke possible.

Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made to fit your size, offset, color, finish, brake clearance and load rating requirements.

Like all Litespeed Racing wheels, the DF6RR is available as monoblock/one piece or 3 piece construction.


An advanced alloy of forged aluminum and forged magnesium that is our strongest alloy yet.




Choose from our list of colors/finishes or let us know what custom color/finish you want. 



The final weight, concavity and or lip size will vary depending on the size, offset and brake clearance requirements.

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