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Introducing the revolutionary Carbon-One full carbon fiber monoblock wheel by Litespeed Racing. Starting at only 14.2 pounds for 20 inch, this is the absolute lightest custom wheel that money can buy.  

Litespeed Racing has combined its 15+ years of carbon fiber and exotic materials experience with one of the world's leading OEM carbon fiber wheel manufactures to produce the world's lightest full carbon fiber wheel for Porsche 911 applications . 

The Carbon-One is made exclusively from pre-impregnated, autoclave cured , true aerospace grade carbon fiber. 

The Carbon-One full carbon fiber wheel is not only insanely lightweight, but it is also extremely stiff. In fact it has the least amount of deflection under cornering load than any other wheel that we offer. 

Engineered exclusively for the Porsche 911 platform, in OEM size and offsets, and available as either 5 lug or center lock.


  • Gloss Carbon Fiber

  • Matte Carbon Fiber

  • Color Tinted Top Coat



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