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The CB5 (carbon blade 5) is a strong, functional wheel that really turns heads. Road courses and autocross require a very stiff and strong wheel. Wheel flex can hurt lap times just as much as added weight can. Countless hours of FEA computer simulations where put in to fine tune every aspect of the CB5’s geometry with a focus on strength,  stiffness and a touch of style. The CB5 has wide, directional spokes with a sculpted face that is strong and light. Carbon fibre is optional, and adds a nice touch of style to this wheel.

Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made to fit your size, offset, color, finish, brake clearance and load rating requirements.

Like all Litespeed Racing wheels, the CB5 is available as monoblock/one piece or 3 piece construction.


  • Forged Magnesium 

  • MAG + (Litespeed Racing’s proprietary alloy)

  • Forged ALuminum

  • Solid carbon fiber barrel 2 piece (limited sizes)

  • Titanium assembly hardware (for 3 piece only)

  • Real carbon fiber overlays 



Choose from our list of colors/finishes or let us know what custom color/finish you want. 



The final weight, concavity and or lip size will vary depending on the size, offset and brake clearance requirements.

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