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Introducing Our New Satin Indigo Blue color option.

Once Porsche introduced the new 718 GT4RS with an amazing Satin Indigo Blue wheel color option, request started flooding into Litespeed Racing for this color. We listened to our customers and got to work on developing a durable powder coat version of the OEM Satin Indigo Blue color. After many iterations, we have finally came up with very similar, (if not better) Satin Indio Blue. This new powder coat color is available on all of our wheels, including our forged magnesium, forged Mag+ and forged aluminum.

Ultra Lightweight Wheels

Litespeed Racing makes some of the lightest wheels in the world. For example our forged magnesium 21X12.5 monoblock Spec 5 wheel is only 19.4 pounds for Porsche GT3RS, which is the lightest magnesium wheel for Porsche in the world. In comparison the GT3RS magnesium Weissach wheel is 21.9 pounds. The BBS Fi-R is 23.1 pounds and the IPE MFR-01 is 20.7 pounds. So Litespeed Racing beats all of the top rated competition.

Race Proven, Award Winning Custom Wheels

Litespeed Racing is the SEMA award winner for best new wheel and also holds a number of track records and championships. Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made with custom size, offset, vehicle fitment and color. For more information on Litespeed Racing wheels click here.

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