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The World's Lightest Wheels.

Updated: Jul 8

Litespeed Racing is proud to design, engineer and manufacture some of the world's lightest wheels for both street car and race car applications. Starting at only 15 pounds for 19 inch, our RS5 forged magnesium monoblock wheel is even lighter than some of the most celebrated lightweight wheels. Our RS5 style is lighter than the likes of the HRE R101LW and BBS FI-R and even lighter than the Carbon Revolution full carbon fiber C9. Litespeed Racing offers it all: Lightweight, strong, race proven, custom built and great looking. Click for more information on actual WHEEL WEIGHTS. Keep reading below or contact us for more information regarding ordering.

white forged magnesium wheel is only 15 pound
At only 15 pounds for 19 inch, our RS5 is one of the world's lightest wheels

Each Litespeed Racing wheel is custom made with custom size, offset, color, tailed brake clearance , and available in center lock, 5 lug, 6 lug and 4 lug applications. Each wheel can be either monoblock or 3 piece and can be made from our proprietary ultra lightweight forged magnesium, forged aluminum or built as a 2 piece with solid real carbon fiber barrels from Dymag. Each wheel can also be custom made with real carbon fiber inlays or overlays. Whether it's an 8 second 1/4 mile Audi TTRS, a Pikes Peak race Truck or an exotic like a Lamborghini , Mclaren , Porsche or Ferrari , Litespeed Racing can build wheels to fit it. Do you want information on ordering? Contact us here.

nerd grey audi TTRS with bursted gold wheels
lightweight RS5 forged magnesium wheels on Audi TTRS

race truck Old Smokey F1 at Pikes Peak
Old Smokey F1 ready to attack Pikes Peak with GT10 three piece wheels

Maybe you have never heard of Litespeed Racing. That is because for years we have been quietly making wheels for other bigger wheel brands. Also because in a way our strength is our weakness ; we have focused so much on engineering and advanced material research in an effort to produce the absolute lightest wheels possible, that we have somewhat overlooked marketing and promotions. Despite the lack of marketing, some heavy hitters in the industry have taken notice!

In 2019 Toyota Motors USA contacted us to see if we could build a custom set of lightweight wheels for their halo show car, the GR Supra Hyper Boost edition that would be showcased at all the major car shows, from SEMA to Los Angeles International Autoshow , from New York to Detroit, to Chicago and more. Toyota was so impressed with Litespeed Racing that they also asked us to build the full carbon fiber widebody kit for the car.

Grey Toyota GR Supra widebody with red carbon fiber wheels
Toyota GR Supra Hyper Boost Edition with Litespeed Racing C10 carbon + forged wheels

Lightweight wheels can help to improve acceleration, braking, cornering and fuel economy. But building wheels that are lightweight is not our only priority. Each wheel must also be strong, with minimal deflection and each wheel must last! Litespeed Racing does vigorous testing, starting with FEA computer simulations, then followed by SAE laboratory testing and followed by real world street and track testing. Litespeed Racing wheels are track proven and have been used on the Optima Battery Ultimate Street Car Challenge GT class winner as well as used on a number of record setting half mile race cars, like the Pure Turbos' BMW M3 and Audi TTRS.

white BMW F80 M3 with red wheels and white audi TTRS with red wheels
Record Setting BMW M3 and Audi TTRS with Litespeed Racing Wheels

At Litespeed Racing we take bespoke performance wheels to the next level. We understand that you have a lot of choices when purchasing forged wheels, so we dedicate our time, energy and manufacturing resources to ensure that your wheels meet and exceed your expectations. For example our customer wanted a set of VS10 wheels with real forged composites carbon fiber inlays to perfectly match his Mansory forged carbon aero kit on his Mclaren 720s. It may seem easy enough, but in reality it was any but easy. The end result of uncountable man hours worth of prep, lay up and finishing is a one of a kind; only Mclaren in the world with real forged carbon matching wheels and aero kit.

Mansory Mclaren 720s with gold and carbon wheels
Mansory 720s with Litespeed Racing VS10 wheels

carbon fiber and forged wheels on Mclaren 720s
Mclaren 720s with VS10 forged wheels with forged carbon inlays

The tuning professionals over at Gintani wanted a set of light weight, but strong wheels for their twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan shop car, and called us to see what we could do. We fitted their Huracan with a set of GT10 three piece race ready wheels that easily stood up to all of the abuse that their ultra high horse power, fire breathing bull could dish out.

Litespeed Racing offers a full collection of wheel designs, and each design is available as either monoblock or 3 piece. All Litespeed Racing wheels are fully forged for the ultimate in strength and performance. Our most popular styles are the RS5 and RS5 track spec, the VS10, VR5 and GT10 styles. Check out the pictures below of our most popular styles and our full wheel collection.

hyper gunmetal wheel
15 pound RS5 forged magnesium monoblock in hyper gunmetal

forged magnesium wheel
RS5 track spec forged magnesium monoblock in custom finish

carbon fiber wheel with real carbon fiber barrel and brushed red center
RS5 with full carbon fiber barrel and brushed red center

forged magnesium three piece wheel in satin black with gloss black lip
RS5 three piece with satin black center and gloss black barrel

satin black forged magnesium VS10 wheel
VS10 forged magnesium monoblock in satin black

GT10 3 piece race wheel
GT10 three piece with satin black center and gloss black outer lip

hyper silver race wheel
GT10 monoblock in hyper silver

dark bronze concave wheel
VR5 forged aluminum monoblock in custom color

titanium 3 piece wheel
VR5 three piece with gloss black barrels and satin titanium center

black on black concave wheel by Litespeed Racing
GT5 forged aluminum monoblock in gloss black with matte black inserts

Ready to order, or just want more information? contact us here, or send a text to Patrick at 310-995-2127 or continue browsing the website or check out our social media pages.

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Nov 05, 2023

Trying to install lightweight wheels on my hunting vehicle was not the best solution. I was hoping to improve maneuverability and fuel economy, but instead I ruined my car. This experience taught me the importance of choosing the right equipment and consulting with professionals before making changes, as well as looking online for information on how I can ruin my hunting vehicle, as in the example in post Sometimes frivolous decisions can lead to serious problems, and now I'm more careful in such matters.

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