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See how lightweight our wheels really are

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

A lot of wheel brands talk about lightweight wheels. Many like to tell you things like our wheel is 30% lighter than OEM. But how much do they really weigh? Are Litespeed Racing wheels really the lightest wheels that you can buy? Please check our this post for candid information on wheel weights, and contact us here for any question or if you are ready to buy a set.

The weight of each wheel will depend on a lot of things, like size, offset, vehicle weight , wheel design and more. Here are some examples of real wheel weights, so you can cut through the marketing hype and see exactly what you are getting.

Carbon fiber: The most hyped wheel material, with almost no clear information on how much they really weigh. Carbon fiber wheels cost $10,000-$20,000 for a set of 4, but its almost impossible to find out how much they really weigh, to see if that big price tag will net real weight reduction. It is almost impossible to find a picture of a production/road ready carbon fiber wheel on a scale, but from what we have found carbon fiber wheels actually weigh around 17 pounds for smaller front wheels and around 19 pounds for larger rear wheels. BUT Litespeed Racing forged magnesium wheels start at only 15 pounds, and cost less than full carbon fiber wheels.

17 pound Carbon Revolution C9 wheel
Carbon Revolution wheel weighs a hefty 17.35 pounds

lightest wheel: only 15 pounds for 19X9
Lightest wheel: Litespeed Racing 19X9 forged magnesium RS5 only 15 pounds

Litespeed Racing VS10 wheel is only 15 pounds
Litespeed Racing Lightweight VS10 forged magnesium wheel: only 15 pounds for 19X9

real carbon fiber wheel weight
Litespeed Racing 19X9.5 with full carbon fiber barrel

It is very hard to track down the real weight of carbon fiber wheels, because the brands that are selling them don't want you to know that you are paying top dollar for wheels that aren't as light as you would expect. But there are some very very good wheel being made by HRE and BBS that are definitely lightweight and deliver as promised. But are they lighter than Litespeed Racing wheels?

BBS Fi-R center lock weight
BBS FI-R center lock at 18 pounds front and 23.5 pounds rear

BBS FI-R weight
BBS FI-R 19X9.5 at 16.5 pounds

bmw m4 with here r101lw
HRE R101LW is not as light as the Litespeed Racing RS5

lightweight wheel
Litespeed Racing RS5forged magnesium in 19X10 is lighter than BBS FI-R 19X9.5

forged magnesium VS10 lightweight wheel
Litespeed Racing VS10 forged magnesium 19X9.5 is only 15.6 pounds

In a true apples to apples comparison of BMW M3/M4 fitments between the kings of lightweight performance wheels, you can see the Litespeed Racing RS5 and VS10 forged magnesium are both lighter than the BBS FI-R and HRE R101LW.

But what about in other sizes/fitments?

HRE wheel weight
HRE R101LW 20X11 weight

world's lightest wheel
Only 16.8 pounds for Litespeed Racing RS5 forged magnesium 19X11

forged magnesium wheel for Nissan GTR
Litespeed Racing RS5 forged magnesium for Nissan GTR in 19X10.5 only 18 pounds

hyper silver wheel for Audi s6
Litespeed Racing RS5 forged magnesium 20X9.5 for Audi s6 is only 18 pounds

lightest Ferrari wheel
Litespeed Racing RS5 track spec forged magnesium for Ferrari 488 Pista 20X9 only 17 pounds

custom blue magnesium wheel for ferrari
Litespeed Racing RS5 track spec forged magnesium 20X11 for Ferrari 488 Pista only 19 pounds

In most cases the Litespeed Racing RS5 and VS10 forged magnesium monoblocks will be the absolute lightest wheel that money can buy. But what about our forged aluminum versions? They are still light weight compared to other forged aluminum wheels.

19 inch wheel weight
Other brand's wheel: 19X9.5 at 23 pounds

Litespeed Racing RS5 track spec forged aluminum 19X9.5 only 22 pounds

forged magnesium wheels for Porsche 993
Litespeed Racing GT10 three piece 18X8.5 for Porsche 993 is only 20 pounds

forged magnesium wheel for Porsche 993 turbo
Litespeed Racing GT10 three piece 18X11 for Porsche 993 turbo is only 22 pounds

Litespeed Racing GT5 wheel
Litespeed Racing GT5 forged aluminum 20X9 is 24 pounds.

VR5 forged concave wheel
Litespeed Racing VR5 forged aluminum 20X9.5 is 25 pounds

Not every wheel can be 15 pounds, but not everyone has $7K-$10K wheel budget. Our forged magnesium wheels are always our lightest option, but our fully forged 6061T6 wheels are also lightweight and a great value for those who are looking to maximize their budget. Below you can see other brands are proud to get a wheel to be 26 pounds, while 26 pounds seems heavy to even our entry level forged aluminum options.

tesla wheel weight
Other brands are happy to make a 26 pound wheel

At Litespeed Racing we make real race ready wheels, including custom made block wheels. Check out our 11 pound deadlock drag racing wheel in 15X8.5 inch.

drag race wheel weight
WOW, only 11 pounds for Litespeed Racing drag race 15 inch

Ready to take the step to improve your car's performance and fuel economy with a set of the lightest wheels that money can buy? Contact us here to ordering information.

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