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One of a kind forged carbon McLaren wheel!

Updated: Jul 8

One of a kind forged wheel with real forged composites carbon fiber to match perfectly with Mansory McLaren 720s. To order, contact or text 310-995-2127

Mansory 720s with carbon fiber wheels by Litespeed racing
World's only Mclaren 720s with forged composite carbon wheels


real carbon fiber and forged wheel for Mansory Mclaren 720s by Litespeed Racing
close up of brushed gold and carbon fiber mclaren 720s wheel by Litespeed racing

Litespeed Racing was the first .

Litespeed Racing was the first company to make a solid forged composite wheel centre for 2 and 3 piece wheels. Now Litespeed Racing does it again with this amazing, and light weight forged wheel, with real forged carbon fiber.

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