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Forged magnesium wheels for record setting BMW

Updated: May 19, 2021

Pure Turbo's uses Litespeed Racing ultra light weight forged magnesium wheels on their record setting BMW F80 M3 sedan. To order, please contact or text 310-995-2127

satin white m3 with bronze  forged magnesium Litespeed Racing wheels
15 pound forged magnesium wheels on Pure turbos m3

Less weight and more performance.

Pure Turbos is one of the industry leading turbo upgrade manufactures. In the quest to build the fast BMW M3 possible, Pure Turbos turned to Litespeed Racing to help reduce weight and improve performance. The obvious solution was to fit a set of custom made forged magnesium wheels wheels to their turbo upgraded BMW M3. The result was faster trap speeds, and a number of record braking runs.

Benefits of forged magnesium.

Ultra light weight forged magnesium wheels can:

  • Increase acceleration and top speed

  • Improve braking and handling

  • Improve fuel economy and reduce road vibrations

In many cases, Litespeed Racing's proprietary forged magnesium is even lighter than carbon fiber wheels of the same size .

Custom wheels for everyone.

Love #magnesiumwheels? Good news!

Litespeed Racing can make you a custom set of wheels in almost any size, and design using our forged magnesium technology. (#carbonfiberwheels #pureturbos #forgedwheels)

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