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Litespeed Racing has been on the forefront of BMW M car wheel development since its first carbon fiber wheel in 2013 , made specifically for the E92 M3 platform. We have all of the offsets, sizes, and brake clearance information to build the perfect set of wheels for any BMW M car, from M3-M8 . For price quote contact: or text 310-995-2127

19 inch carbon fiber 3 piece wheels for bmw m3
Litespeed Racing carbon fiber wheels for bmw M3

Made from a CNC milled forged composite carbon fiber billet , this wheel was the world's first carbon fiber center for 3 piece wheels. The cost turned out to be too high for commercialisation, but this wheel started Litespeed Racing down the path of light weight wheel development for BMW M cars.

forged composite carbon fiber wheel blank by :Litespeed Racing
world's first forged composite carbon fiber wheel blank

Every Litespeed racing wheel is custom made for the perfect fitment, with consideration for tire widths, brake upgrades. This E92 with with our CS5M forged 3 piece wheel has an aggressive fitment, but with no rubbing.

candy red and satin black 3 piece wheels on bmw M3 by Litespeed Racing
perfect fitment 3 piece wheels on E92 M3 by Litespeed Racing

Litespeed Racing was one of the first brands to develop wheel fitments for the F80 platform M3. With its wider body work, the F80 and F82 M3, M4 can accommodate very concave wheels, like these amazing 2 piece duo block forged wheels with real carbon fiber spoke details.

brushed gold concave wheels on bmw m3 by Litespeed Racing
concave brushed gold forged wheels on f8 m3 by Litespeed racing

The F80 looks great, but the real joy of this platform is its performance. Litespeed Racing has partnered with Pure Turbos to develop ultra light weight forged magnesium wheels for their shop cars, which has broke numerous platform records thanks to our RS5 forged magnesium 19X10 wheels that weigh only 16 pounds (lighter than competitors full carbon fiber wheels).

brushed red monoblock lightweight wheels on BMW M3
Litespeed Racing brulde red wheels on Pure Turbos shop car

lime green bmw m3 with bronze magnesium wheels by Litespeed Racing
Forged magnesium RS5 wheels by Litespeed Racing 16 pounds

These RS20 concave forged monoblock wheels with two tone brushed finish and gunmetal look perfect on this super clean M3 sedan.

blue bmw m3 with forged concave wheels RS20 Litespeed Racing
Litespeed Racing RS20 concave wheels on clean M3

The VS20 wheels on this wild M4 look great and are track ready.

Litespeed Racing gunmetal VS20 concave wheels on sick bmw m4
Litespeed Racing VS20 forged concave wheels

Light weight wheels help to improve acceleration, braking , handling and even fuel economy . Litespeed Racing manufactures custom wheels under the Litespeed Racing brand name and does quite a bit of private label manufacturing for other wheel brands. Like these forged magnesium 3 piece wheels, with real forged composites spoke inserts for a clean M4.

BMW M4 with magnesium and carbon fiber Litespeed racing wheels
magnesium plus carbon fiber wheels made by Litespeed Racing

The BMW M5 platform has always been a potent performance platform, and with the addition of light weight forged wheels, it can be even better. Like these 21 inch forged wheels with real carbon fiber inlaid on the spokes, and inner barrel.

carbon fiber wheels on white bmw m5 by Litespeed Racing
carbon fiber wheels on bmw m5 by Litespeed racing

This 1000 hp F10 M5 was able to save weight compared to its previous set up with Litespeed racing VS10 forged wheels.

black on black bmw m5 with VS10 concave wheels by Litespeed Racing
1000hp bmw M5 with Litespeed Racing VS10 wheels

The new F90 M5 platform is a true super car killer, and customers seem to love our VR5 3 piece for this new M5.

21 inch Litespeed Racing wheels on bmw f90 m5
Lightweight forged 3 piece VR5 wheels on BMW F90 M5

The RS5 style is our lightest and most popular style. Like all Litespeed Racing wheels, its available in monoblock and 3 piece, and is available in forged aluminum or forge magnesium. The M850i and M8 are BMW latest M cars, and Litespeed racing has done a fe sets on this platform too , like this RS5 three pie

ce set in 21 inches .

21 inch 3 piece wheels on bmw M850i by Litespeed Racing
Lightweight magnesium Litespeed racing wheels on bmw M850i

Here is our full wheel collection, and all of our styles can be custom made to fit any BMW car or SUV.

catalog of Litespeed Racing lightweight wheels
Litespeed Racing monoblock wheel collection 2020

catalog of 3 piece forged wheels by Litespeed Racing
Litespeed Racing 3 piece wheel collection

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